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Major Projects

Research Projects

  • Local Tax Forum

    Local Tax Forum is a bi-monthly publication designed to spread knowledge and information with respect to issues of the local tax policy, Each publication contains analysis of local tax issues as well as recent policy trends that could affect the local finance as well as the general public.

  • KILF Report

    KILF Report is a series of short papers published bi-weekly. It is designed specifically to deal with the immediate demands of local governments. It provides on-time analysis of pending local financial issues and policy recommendations.

  • History of Local tax

    Since its inception in the 1950s, the local tax system has undergone numerous significant changes. It is vital for any researcher who is interested in local finance to have an understanding of this past history in order to fully grasp the local tax system in Korea. This publication, jointly written by experts in this area, provides a comprehensive look at the 60-year history of local finance.

  • Others

    • Casebook studies on local tax exemptions and deductions
    • Training manuals tailored to meet local tax officials needs
    • E-news letters