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Major Projects

Collaboration with Local Governments

KILF assists with carrying out local tax relief systems and provides legal information to strengthen expertise of local governments

Provide support for carrying out local tax relief systems

  • Organize and manage Advisory Committee for Local Tax Relief Systems (42 committee members as of 2018. 8, including lawyers, accountants, and tax accountants)
  • Identify legal reasoning for local governments' tax relief cases and provide references including relevant precedents
  • Conduct analysis and disseminate results of local tax relief cases, suggest project proposals on improving tax administration system
  • Support and participate in specialized educational training courses on lawsuit and tax relief for local tax officials

Provide legal information on local taxes

  • Publish information resources of legal interpretation of local taxes
  • Include judicial precedent, evaluation precedent, authoritative interpretations on local taxes

KILF undertakes local government collaboration projects to build cooperative governance among local tax officials and local governments.

Encourage research practices among local tax officials by supporting research clubs

  • Support research expenses of 500,000 won per team, award overseas training opportunities to clubs with outstanding performances
    (‘13) 13 teams, (’14) 13 teams, (‘15) 16 teams, (’16) 30 teams, (‘17) 36 teams

Mass-media campaigns to encourage local tax compliance

  • Include TV and radio campaigns to encourage compliance of fixed-term tax, such as local corporate income tax, residence tax, property tax, and automobile tax

Joint-workshops to facilitate collaboration and communication with local tax administration offices

  • In 2017, co-hosted forums on improving 5 laws related to local taxes
    1st Session: in May (Jeonbuk Namwon), 2nd Session: in June (Chungnam Boryeong), 3rd Session: in November (Jeonnam Yeosu)
  • In 2017, co-hosted workshops on improving tax items and related administrative tasks
    6 workshops in the first half, 7 workshops in the second half
  • Held joint retreat with local tax offices (17 retreats in 2017)
  • Published Casebook studies on local tax exemption and deduction (2016 publication updated)
  • Published <A Guide to Local Taxes> and provided the original file to local governments