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Major Projects

External Expansion and Interagency Collaboration

To strengthen local fiscal capacity, KILF builds network through mutual cooperation with relevant agencies, associations and research meetings

A wide range of academic events

  • ‌Hold International academic events, joint forum and academic events with local governments (6 events in 2017)
  • Support and participate in academic events hosted by related agencies and organizations (12 events in 2017)
  • Sponsor information sessions on revising local tax laws (3 events in 2017)

External expansion through organizing Local Tax Network Forum

  • ‌Participants from academia, regional research institutes, local governments, Ministry of Public Administration and Security gather to discuss improvement of local tax systems
    • First half of 2017: 4 sections (introductions, local taxes, central government subsidies, local allocation tax), 29 participants
    • Second half of 2017: 4 sections(Korea, Spain·Germany, France, UK·US·Japan), 4 participants
    • 2018: Fiscal Decentralization Reform Policy Research Unit (4 sections)

Commission research projects to external experts on local taxes

  • Commission projects that require external expertise, including organization assessment, market research, and survey

Periodicals to introduce and promote research results

  • Local Tax Forum: comprehensive magazine on local taxes, finance, and other related key issues
    40 bimonthly issues published as of 2018. 7, since first issue published in 2012. 1.
  • KILF Report : on-line magazine that provides analysis results of up-do-date issues related to local tax and finance
    52 monthly issues published as of 2018. 8, since first issue published in 2014. 4.
  • Annual Report : summarizes research performances and other status concerning KILF in the past year
    5 annual issues published as of 2018. 7, since first issue published in 2012.